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Access bar healing is one of the modern methods of healing. It was developed by Gary Douglas. In this method; body receives changes through 32 access points located in your head. This method is very easy, gentle and relaxing. Healer touches those access points to release all the beliefs and or emotions which are stored in here from one's previous life cycles.

Each healing session can release thousands of years (5 to 10) of limitations by gently touching the access points located in one's head. After each session a person can feel as if a heavy burden has been lifted internally, this leaves them feeling calm and relaxed. The person is able to progress as well as is able to achieve what one desires in their life as the beliefs are broken and emotions are released.

It is very effective in cases where a person is influenced by situation, person or is carrying forward impression from past lives. For example:  Daughter  who is raised under very strong parents gurus, or is influenced by strong family members. Over a period of time, daughter implants those beliefs based on her environment. Once she is married, she is going to be submissive to her husband, in laws based on the environment she was raised under. This makes her most vulnerable and submissive to her in-laws; she will be pushed around and becomes weak and can face many problems.

Changes you can see with this healing are in the following areas:

E.g suppose daughter brought up under very strong parents or gurus or family beliefs then she implant that and she carries that after marriage and become venerable to be submissive. So that husband or in laws always try to push her or down her and she becomes weak and face many problems. 

So healer remove her identities she carries. So that after few healing in laws changes their behavior towards. There are many verbal tools in the bar healing. Head is the main part but few other parts of the body where person story their emotions. So if necessary healer treat those points too. Result of the healing is so impressive that person releases from all worries and blocks and ready to accept new changes. And this is a key of success.

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