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Astrological health consultation can be your healthometer of your health condition, fitness and well being. Have you got your reading done?

It is possible in astrology to know about the disease well in advance before it happens. Our expert astrologer can evaluate and predict the time when health is going to be impacted, how long the suffering is going to be and any remedies to help lessen the impact of health suffering.

Each of the 12 houses is considered to judge the health of different body parts in the kundali. Here is one of the list.

  • 1st House :  Nervous system
  • 2nd House : Face
  • 3rd House  : Shoulder, chest, lungs,blood vessels and arms.
  • 4th House : Bust, Upper intestines, upper metabolic system
  • 5th House : Heart, circulatory system, blood related 
  • 6th House : lower stomach, lower metabolic system, intestines, waist, liver
  • 7th House : Kidneys
  • 8th House : intestines, anal system
  • 9th House : thighs, posterior and circulatory system
  • 10th House : knees, bones and joints
  • 11th  House : legs, ankles  
  • 12th  House : leg, eyes and saliva glands

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