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The planetary position at the time of a person's birth is based on one's past karmic causes, which will be unfolded in this life. The science which tells you what one will face in this life is based on the planetary position at the time of the birth. This science is known as astrology. This knowledge was being used by saints in ancient times. At the time of birth, the planets that are moving in the universe will impact an individual's life as long as he is alive. These planets travel through different zodiac signs in the universe. This movement triggers some sort of positive or negative events in one's life based on their past karma.

Time, date and place of birth are very important in mapping out the exact position of the planets at the time of anyone's birth. This planetary position in the universe is a snapshot of one's birth chart and is unique to an individual. This map which is created based on the planetary position at the time of one's birth is known as janma kundali or janma patrika.

There are nine grahas (planets) that are in their own orbital movement. Each graha (planet) will give different effects when it travels through the twelve zodiac signs and will also tell you when and how it will impact one's life.

e.g. it shows the type of body one will have, height, nature of a person, speech, money, love, disease, accident, kids, age, government problems, marital status, affairs, legal issues, types of friends, business/job etc.

An experienced expert can symbolically predict through the planetary positions of one's birth chart. Through proper analysis of one's birth chart (janmakundli); one can get proper guidance of how and when negative/positive events may unfold in one's life. An astrologer usually gives predictions for a span of one year, 10, 15 and/or completes astrological evaluation of their janmakundli. People consult astrologers for specific guidance of present and or future events.  If one foresees an issue or is in a situation now such as litigation, development of a disease, having a troubled marriage, drinking problems, abusive spouse or a son etc… In such instances  consultation with an astrologer becomes a great guiding tool in analyzing the length of the suffering, outcome of the unfolding event, possible suggestions in helping lessen the effect of unfolding of heavy karma. It is possible to take appropriate measures to help eradicate or lessen the duration through combination of astrological and healing tools. Over and above it is a great guide especially in managing yours and your loved ones emotions and expectations.

It can also provide one with general positive periods in your life associated with events such as buying a home, cars, travel, birth of a child, promotion, wedding; inheritance; great business years etc... So this allows one to stay focus and work hard towards their goal to fulfill an individual's dream(s). It can also show an alternate time and remedy to avoid major impact during the unfolding of an event.

Some of the deciding factors in future predictions are time, place, date of birth, and proper analysis by an experienced expert can get a good outlook of one's future.

What is Important here is that the predictions', which are not only based on calculations(math) but also needs knowledge of countless permutation and combination (statistics) of planets and zodiac signs, as well as research and analysis of case studies and finally the intuitive ability. All of these come with years of experience, patience, observing and studying individual events.

We bring 28 years of solid experience in this industry; we have looked at and have given predictions for so many janmakundlis nationally and internationally. Our years of experience combined with intuitive skills and ongoing research has allowed us to give an informed and educated predictions. Janmakundli reading and predictions have become a second nature to us, we have been looking at kundlis of different cultures nationally and internationally. Because of this vast experience, having knowledge of different methods in astrology, we are  able to guide individuals in their unique situations to make an informed decision of one's future.

Accuracy also depends on the mood of the astrologer, and precision of the details provided by the clients and finally psychology of the client.

However with lots of different sadhanas and countless hours of practice in different methods of astrology; our astrologer has developed unique intuitive ability and has become clairvoyant. Combination of these two unique gifts (abilities) has empowered him to help the clients with" almost perfect" solutions to their unique situations. Because of his unique gift renowned astrologers seeks his advice occasionally. Not only has this helped us to retain more than 85% of our clients since last 28 years, the retention of the clients speaks highly to our reputation and is a barometer to our success.

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