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Aura is an energy field around a physical body which connects to other subtle bodies. Aura has seven types of different layers around the physical body, which carries an imprint of your inner desires and emotions; which are directly responsible to one's vitality and health. There are different types of aura bodies such as emotional, mental, karmic, spiritual and divine. Each aura body has a specific color and vibrations Typically, each person carries mixed aura which indicates mixture of colors and vibration showing ones  Physical, emotional & mental wellbeing of a person.  A person is considered to be healthy if it does not have deflated Aura. 

The overall shape of your aura is in the form of an egg, however the layer closest to the aura body is called Pranic body, The shape of Pranic aura is exactly like the shape of your body as it is an outer layer of one's physical body

When studying the aura of a person, from the seven layers of the aura body the inner most and the outer most is studied the most. However a specific color will be dominating in all of the aura body. The dominating color in the aura body is based on the emotional and mental well-being of a person.  The color inside the egg shaped aura shows effect or an impression carried forward from the past life.

The main colors you see in Aura are violet, dark blue, sky blue, green, yellow, orange red, white, dark, light, black.  We specialize in aura reading, where we do your aura photography. Our specialized aura reader then can discuss the different color and what it says about your physical and mental health based on the photograph. Further they can discuss the thoughts and emotions and nature of a person.

Different colors in aura tells ,the reader your disturbed thought process,  we can also suggest what kind of positive thought patterns one needs to give to break the disturbed thought process.

An Aura and physical body are jut together, if a person is going to have some major illness, you can see in the Aura approximately three year in advance.  In such cases changing the thought process the intensity of the illness is weakened ahead of time. Personality can be changed with an understanding from the aura expert to cope with the consequences.

Aura scanning allows us to know the size of the aura, is it weak or strong aura and shape of the aura. In our scanning if we detect a problem in aura we can suggest one of the many healing methods we provide such as reiki, pranik healing etc…. After taking healing session from us, we recommend another aura picture to be taken; this allows our client to see the difference in their aura after healing session. They can compare and contrast the color shape and size of their aura after the healing session. Most importantly they will also experience positive change in their life.

This entire session is called aura scanning, reading and healing session. We use special Aura Camera for Aura and chakra consulting, after that we give a detailed consulting and discuss individual reading with our clients.

The shape, the size, the strength and or weakness in aura is directly related to the seven energy centers in the body. It is also known as chakras. The dimension of each chakras is about 3 to 4 inches. Chakras rotate in clockwise or anticlockwise in their place. Name of chakras from bottom to top are Muladhaar (Root) Swadhisthan (Hara) Manipur (Solar) Anahatt (Heart) Visuddhi(Throat) Agna (3rd eye) and sahastrasaar(Crown). Center of each chakra is in the middle of spine and spreads outward in their unique location. When protruding outward it is shaped like a funnel and the funnel shape is horizontally spreading to the front and equally to the back of one's body. Muladhaar (root ) and Sahastrasaar(Crown) chakras are the only two which has funnel shape spreading to the top towards the sky and bottom towards the ground.

Through Aura photography we can see the size of chakras, colors and our expert can provide analysis of individual organs.  We can also give by different rag (musical modes) associated with individual chakras to strengthen the weak chakras. By using this healing method, chakras are activated and energy starts flowing into each meridian associated with this chakra, this helps in eliminating the illness.  All the veins are flowing through ones entire body and aura is an outer layer of physical body thus they are connected. 

Due to heavy karmas of past life and negative thoughts all this veins are blocked, with the help of chakra activation using rag(musical nodes) energy is poured into the affected areas. This allows the affected organ to heal naturally.

Thought & breath are directly related with the strength and speed (movement) of chakras. Our expert can read and analyze the existing problem in the organ near chakras; from the size shape and speed of chakra.  They can also see the future ailment which may impact the organ associated to the chakra.

We can also recommend appropriate healing to deal with the current and future problem

We also recommend chakra activation through other methods such as meditation, laiyog, mantra yog, kundalini yog etc.

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