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In our observation; we know that there is one set of parents (group A) who can conceive and usually have questions regarding the new born and their future relation with the child. However we also know that there is another set of parents (group B) who have a difficulty in conceiving and want to know best alternative for them. Both these groups have a different set of questions and their anxiety and concerns are different. The spiritual touch of our astrologer and good listening skills helps the concerned parents  have an open discussion about their problem and then seek astrological guidance. Our astrologer is known to have given a perfect solution to our clients not only astrologically but also in some cases by giving healing to distressed clients, by removing some of one's karmic baggage, a couple can fulfill their dreams of becoming  parents.

Group A:  relation with a new born:

Some of the questions, we have answered over period of time  are as follows:

(note: these questions are specific to the details of the child)

  • What kind of happiness will I get from my kid(s)?
  • What kind of relation will I have with our kid(s)?
  • Will I have a daughter or a son?
  • To get a desired qualities in a new born when is a good astrological time to have a baby?
  • Will our kid(s) be fortunate?
  • Will our kid(s) be financially sound or will they be dependent on us?
  • Will they take care of us and support us in time of need?
  • Will they earn fame in life?
  • Will they stay here with us or will move away?

Group B: Not able to conceive? Or conceiving an issue?

Couples are unable to conceive due to various reasons such as, stress factor, new thinking, environment, late marriage, etc. This only leaves them with pursuing scientific treatment such as IVF,  and surrogacy (when another fertile woman 'carries' the baby). But most couples prefer adoption over the scientific methods. In such cases we are ask specific question which helps the couples decide which treatment will be the most beneficial to them.

Some of the frequently asked questions are as follows:

  • Is adoption a better option for us? or should we try one of the scientific methods in order to conceive?
  • Which is better for us? Surrogacy or IVF?
  • Will the baby born be healthy?
  • Is the line of treatment I am using is up to par?
  • Which doctor should I use?( client narrows down to top two or three doctor and ask for which doctor will be astrologically more beneficial)
  • Will I have twins?
  • Will the baby suffer from a genetic disorder if we go through IVF or other methods?
  • Is surrogacy an option?
  • Will our family accept that the baby is being carried by another woman?
  • Will our family accept the adopted baby?
  • Should we adopt within India?
  • When will we be able to adopt a baby?
  • Will the  adopted baby be a girl or a boy?
  • Will the adoption process be smooth? And how long?
  • Will I get a sperm donor and when? Should we pursue internationally?

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