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When is a question born?

The date, time and place when a specific question comes to one's mind is when a question is born. Prashna kundli is the tool which allows astrologers to give answers to the specific questions. It is not a generalized reading like astrology. Astrology is an overall view to one's life based on the birth time and place of a person, whereas prashnakundli is an answer to a specific and precise question. For example if a person has an offer in two to three different companies and is interested in a specific company prashnakundli is a right tool for this kind of questions.. 

Example of prashnakundlis are:

  • Will I get a job at TCS in Mumbai?
  • Will I be able to sell my property in Bangalore?
  • I have got a job offer, should I accept it or not?
  • We just saw a property; will I be able to get it?
  • Should I buy gold now?
  • Is my husband cheating on me?
  • Will I be able to marry a person I am dating now?
  • The lawyer who has my case is he a right lawyer?
  • Will I get a bail or not?
  • The person who has been kidnapped is he safe?
  • The medicine given by Doctor will it suit me?
  • I have lost my property agreement? Will I find it?
  • Will I get a visa? Which category should I try for?

Similarly, you can ask specific questions in regards to business as well:

  • Should I do partnership?
  • Should I expand my business now?
  • Should I hire this Director?
  • I have an income tax inquiry, will it be resolved?
  • Should I buy new machinery?
  • Due to currency rate fluctuation, should I buy imported machines?
  • My payment is stuck; will I be able to get the payment?
  • When will I get my payment?
  • Should I buy share of this particular company?
  • Will I have to take a person to court to get my payment?

We are known to have answered obscure and unimaginable questions, which are asked to us over a period of 28 years by our clients. The Hororay and Krishnamurty: methods of prashnakundli, have always yielded accurate results to our clients question. We use Krishnamurty method to find specific time of the event. Example. Will I get married to a person? In this example we use combination of both methods to arrive at a full conclusion of one's question. Hororary method is used to know if an event is possible (yes or no) and Krishnamurthy method is used to know when this event will take place. (Time factor)

Prashnakundli is very helpful to those who do not have accurate date, time and place of birth.

Note: In order to get an accurate prashnakundli reading, there needs to be a strong desire to find out an answer to a specific question. Also note the following for your astrological consultation:

  • The time when a person has a strong urge to find an answer to a specific question
  • The place where that specific question came to one's mind
  • The date when the question arose?

In some instances we may ask for a number between 1 and 249, this is another step in yielding an accurate answer to one's question.

Prashnakundli will not work in following cases:

  • The question should not be someone else's, it should be yours.
  • The topic should not be discussed prior to writing a question
  • It does not give accurate answer to multiple questions coming to your mind, it works accurately to a specific question only

Combined with our 28 years of experience, we have used combinations of astrology and Prashnakundli to give the most accurate and satisfactory answers to our clients. The Prashnakundli method gives highest satisfaction to our client as it helps in their decision process. In Prashnakundli answers to an individual's question are given instantly. Thus Prashnakundli is a branch of astrology which is keeping up with the ever-changing environment of the current era.

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