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Prashna kundli is a different faculty with in Vedic astrology; it gives fast and accurate predictions. In Prashnakundli ;an answers to an individual's question are given instantly "just like an instant idli".


In our 28 years of experience the Prashnakundli method gives the highest satisfaction to our clients as it helps them in making life changing decisions  FAST. Most of the answers are in "yes or no" or very short and precise. Some of our clients use us as their advisors in their final decision making process. For which they relied heavily on prashnakundli predictions.

Prashnakundli works best where your astrological reading finds limitation, as astrological reading is generalize and gives overall life report. For astrological reading birth chart is must, and prashnakundli  reading is specific to a question . For prashnakundli reading prashna chart is must. 

FAQ by our clients:

  • The person who has been kidnapped is he safe?
  • The medicine given by Doctor will it suit me?
  • I have lost my property agreement? Will I find it?
  • Will I get a visa? Which category should I try for?
  • Should I do partnership?
  • Should I expand my business now?
  • Should I hire this Director?
  • I have an income tax inquiry, will it be resolved?
  • Should I buy new machinery?
  • Due to currency rate fluctuation, should I buy imported machines?

For best result in prashna kundli

  • the intensity of the question is a must 
  • the time when the question arose

Limitation of Prashnakundli

  • At a time you can only ask one question.
  • That question cannot be repeated, meaning if you ask an astrologer about that question, you cannot ask him to read the same question again after a while,as it will not yield results
  • Question should not be someone else's, it should be yours.
  • The topic should not be discussed prior to writing a question
  • It does not give accurate answer to multiple questions coming to your mind, it works accurately to a specific question only
  • Please  be specific in the question you ask, unclear thoughts will not yield the result you want  

Example: Dr Devi Shetty is a right doctor for my cardiac surgery (correct format) vs doctor in Apollo hospital is a right doctor for my surgery(vague)

Prashna kundli's uniqueness is most helpful

  • If you don’t know your birth time
  • If you are unclear of the date when you were born
  • If you don’t have your astrological chart handy but have questions in mind
  • Your astrological chart is incorrect 

Uniqueness of our astrologers

Besides being clairvoyant and having deep knowledge in astrology; they have knowledge of two branches within Prashnakundli, which helps them in answering difficult and vague questions asked during prashnakundli. 

Our astrologer uses different algorithms to determine the validity of the question and intensity of the question. If that matches our astrologers prediction level is almost 98% in accuracy.

Customers review:

Samirbhai is very good person with golden heart. He is always their to support his clients his prediction is 100% perfect. -  Heta H Bhatt -  China

Everything he told me came true; he helped me make key decisions in my life. I found his reading especially uplifting, I rely on his guidance to get through some of my hardest times. His positivity, his depth of knowledge is incredible and his intuitions are spot on.  -Dipti Patel _ USA

Since last 17 years I have been using Sayan astro as my business consultant; me and my partner are so blessed to have their expertise to guide us in our major decision.

He has helped us save money by guiding us when to buy when to trade; Who to hire amongst final two candidates; which property to buy; when and where to expand etc..

Also when we have gone against his advice we have incurred losses or unsatisfactory result.

Nishith Modi:

I have used him for day to day family related queries and he uses prashnakundli to answer my questions, I would say I write to him almost 4-5 times in two weeks to guide me with questions arising amongst our family of ten people. His advice and response is right on and is a savior and keeps our family together.

Special offer: 

If you haven’t tried prashnakundli before and would like to try it we will give you a special offer please use coupon code PK0717 when asking your question at, valid only for first time users.

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