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The planetary position at the time of the birth can help determine which geographic location is most beneficial to an individual for his overall growth and progress. This is socially and economically.

It is said in our scriptures that Ravana did appropriate calculation for settlement and then picked Srilanka as his place to live; where he developed different siddhis which helped him during his life. Similarly in modern life for individual social and economic growth  education, earning, health are the factors which plays an important role. This day's young generation is aware of astrological tool and has been consulting us for their success.

Some of the settlement questions asked are:

  • if a person will be settling in resident country or settle abroad
  • Which geographic location is most beneficial in foreign country?
  • What kind of area or city should we settle in?
  • Will I get legal status in the country I am in?
  • Will I be able to settle abroad or will have to travel back and forth?
  • Should I move with my family or gradually?

Answer to such questions we are able to give after reviewing their birth chart and also using prashna kundli. Our clients also have consulted us for astrological analysis when they are confused especially when they have business families in India and are getting a great opportunity to move abroad. This kind of consultation gives them direction and confidence to move ahead or hold back. If you are confused as to what should be your move? Schedule an appointment.

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