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The date, time and place when India got freedom from British rule is considered the astrological chart for India. Our expert astrologer have tallied lots of events, its date time and place to the astrological chart of India. Those event dates tallies and confirms the authenticity of the India's astrological chart. Independent India's astrological chart is as shown below. Lot of learned and renowned astrologers have used the same astrological chart and have given good and bad prediction for India. And their prediction has come true based on this astrological chart. (insert astrological chart here)

If you look at the planetary position in India's astrological chart, the third house has combination of surya and shanni along with budha and shukra, indicating that the neighboring countries of India will always be inquisitive and spy on India. The astrological chart of India and also by the use of prashna kundli ; the planetary position in house 8 and 3 indicates the longevity and destruction respectively to India. 3rd house is the house of neighbor. 8th house is of age and longevity of a country.

The zodiac sign present in the first house (Janma lagna) also known as ascendant in the astrological chart of India has rahu in it therefore it is very imperative that we follow the transitory movement of other planets.

Keeping the above information in mind let's first observe some of the key attacks which has happened at India.

22 October 1947 India was at war with Pakistan:

At this time the astrological chart of India had shani in kark rashi in third house and lagna is occupied by rahu in vrushabh rashi. This indicates that there is a disturbance in 1st and 3rd house, which is a house of neighbor.

20 October 2010 India was attacked by China:

At this time; rahu was passing through third house in cancer and in opposition Saturn was in the 9th house. Planetary situation in the third house which is of neighbor was disturbed and India suffered because Of that.

23 August 1965 to 22 September 1965 mini war between India and Pakistan:

At that time Rahu was passing over rahu of Vrushabh. At the same time guru was passing through Mithun and in such instances guru does not allow for any protection towards India.

3rd December 1971 to 16 December 1971 war between India and Pakistan:

At that time, rahu (lagna) in the astrological chart of India had Shani orbiting over it (rahu) and in the 3rd house which is house of neighbor had keta orbiting over it. Similarly again if we see that Rahu Ketu and Shani if they are orbiting in the 3rd house which is the house of neighbor during kirk rashi it indicate disturbance to India.

26 May 1999 to 26 July 1999 Kargill War:

At this time again rahu was in kirk rashi in the 3rd house of neighbor and mangar shani and rahu were in square relation with each other.

Looking at the historic data above our expert astrologer can conclude saying that kirk rashi is in the 3rd house which is the house of neighbor in astrological chart of India. Makar rashi is in obscure position which creates hindrance and vrushabh rashi is the ascendant (lagna). rahu ketu and shani are the three planets which are to be observed when they orbiting over kirk rashi, which is when some or other kind of disturbance is created by our neighboring countries.

Our future prediction:

Based on the fact above starting from July 2017 to December 2018 is a period of turbulence.  Rahu is going to orbit in kirk rashi. Kirk rashi is in the 3rd house which is the house or neighbor as per astrological chart of India. Also at the same time Shani is housed in astam sthan which is the house of age longevity showing destruction and disturbance in that house.

So the strongest time frame for disturbance is from August 2017 to June 2018 as during this time. Orbital guru will be in Tula during that time; which indicates that it does not support the Janma lagna or ascendant (India) we can predict that during this time India will be at war. 

However the 8the house (astam sthan) in astrological chart of India ,which is the house of longevity has orbital Shani over dhann rashi, which indicates definite destruction to India but Shani being in the house of longevity will not create big loss and or damage to India.

Guru is orbiting over guru of the eigth house indicates that 7 years after the war will be good years. Initially it will affect the Indian economy but then economy will recover and show good growth.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has Shani's descending panauti (unfavorable time) despite of that he will take strong and good decision for India. Shani orbiting in 8-9-10 house shows that in the later seven year after war it shows Narendra Modi's win. Also Shani in Makar and Kubh indicates that 5-7 years after the war will bring fame to India. 

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