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The 6th house in one's birth chart is associated with the job. We look at what kind of job combination one is born with; success and fame one will get through a job. We also can advise on, professional vs nonprofessional jobs, government vs non-government jobs, what kind of professional jobs will bring economic growth, which companies will be more beneficial, risk if there are any associated with profession, professional jump, career switch etc.

If planetary house associated with job(s) are mediocre in the birth chart then; we look for different times during one's life; a person will get some credit and or success through any nonprofessional work; or doing multiple jobs and we recommend that.

Business, job and or profession which one is beneficial to an individual is definitely determined by astrological consultation we provide for career. Time and place are very important factor in evaluating ones career. Example a person from South India is generally job oriented, even though a person may have strong planetary position for business, is doing a job. In such cases that person is going to be at a very high post or ranking in the job, will have less people over him and many people working for him. Therefore such person enjoys the freedom and power of owning a business.

Some of our client's job related questions are as follow:

In our consultancy we use astrology and prashna kundli method to give overall and precise answer to our client's questions. Our client satisfaction rate is over 90 percent with our clients.

One needs to know that money coming to you is only due to your punya karma (merit karma). If you stay honest and live ethically you will earn punya karma (merit karma) and if you want to cut corners and make money using short cuts you are going to get fast money. That money is unethical and you have earned demerit karma on account of that. Regardless of adopting shortcuts and earning money through unethical source; the income or the total money you are getting today will remain the same regardless of how you earned it.

The janma kundli determines the punya karma (merit karma) one is born with and can help us tell our clients the amount of money one will receive and luxury one can afford. It also tells us by what source one will generate living income example job, business, gambling, inheritance etc. We have been serving business clients for past 25 years, for lot of our clients we are on their speed dial to answer their day to day questions which gives them an additional clarity and confidence in their decision making process.

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