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The most important factor in this healing method is that healers are able to see the karmas (from past lives) associated with one's suffering; that is currently troubling a person (in this life). With special grace, healers are able to see the karmas which are responsible for causing "the sticky situation" in one's life; the healers are able to see karmas of this life, past life and previous many lives. Those "sticky situations" are then treated with special 'mantra Shakti'.

Healers are then able to lessen the karmic effect in one's life. Multiple such seating's of clairvoyance and karmic healing can permanently eliminate these 'sticky situations' from one's life. During the healing process the receiver is put into a deep sleep. This vidhya is still very secretive, deep and is made available to the healer only through the grace of siddha gurus. Our healer is one of the very few blessed with this gift of being clairvoyant. He is able to visualize which exact karma is associated with the sticky situation. He is able to combine multiple healing methods to reach to the root cause of the sticky issues. 

Some of his real life example of clairvoyance is:

Suppose in past life you stoned a dog and broke his leg. Due to this severe pain dog suffers and dies. Because of this action, in this life he is impacted with disease associated with leg.  Our gifted healer is able to see the original karma of stoning a dog and is able to release that karmic effect in this life with 'Mantra Shakti' creates, quantity of punya karma which is given to the soul of the dog to release the receivers suffering.

Success of this healing is dependent of open mindedness of the receiver. The healer is given a consultation using karmic healing subsequently he uses clairvoyance techniques to get to the root cause of the sticky situation in one's life. After this session he decides which modalities of healing technique will be most suitable to the receiver. He also recommends numbers of session one may need. The number of healing session required by a receiver is based on the length of the karma, depth of the karma and its intensity. In our consultation we also recommend some prayers which helps in long term benefit to release the karma.

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