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Crystals are the gifts from nature. It is naturally formed from the minerals inside lava which is left behind after volcanic eruptions. It takes 2-3 lakh years for crystal to form. Raw rock of crystal is polished and is used for healing. There are many types of crystals available in nature; they have different colors, aura and chetna. Each crystal has different characteristics.

It has the capacity to absorb our intent and positive energy from reiki, pranik energy and sanjivni Shakti. We use crystals in combination with one or more of these healing methods to clean the aura. In our healing process, we mainly use clear quartz, rose, amethyst, tourmaline etc. Our healers may place these crystals along with some gemstone on one's body in a pattern, on chakras etc. to get the best result based on what the healer is trying to heal.

Crystals are considered as a healing tool which absorbs positive energy, multiplies the energy received and then gives it to the receiver. So the healing power increases because of the crystal and produces faster results. Each healing method and use of crystal produces unique results and our healer has an expertise to see which healing method will be most beneficial to the receiver. For example we use some ancient methods which we apply by using mantra energy.

The positive energy from mantra Shakti is then absorb in crystals and is transposed to the receiver which is very effective. We use this mantra Shakti with crystals in removing rigid areas of disease which is on one's aura. Similarly, we use Sanjivni Shakti along with crystals to release karmic debts and come out of the problem. During this crystal therapy one is able to release all the stress and the crystal absorbs all negativity from one's body and releases it in to nature. Siddha guru energy is also involved during this process. Each healing is of 45 minutes to an hour. For consultation schedule an appointment by writing to us.

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