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Our astrologers have analyzed various combinations of planetary position and their outcome over a period of 28 years. This allows us to exactly identify the area of interest or fields where a child will be able to perform better. We have seen so many birth charts where in the interest of child's education may not align with parents thinking. In such cases astrology reading is a great tool for parents to know education specifics such as:

Often times a child may show interest in non-academics and may not be as successful in academics. Here, parents may be setting themselves for disappointment; this leads to unnecessary confrontational exchange between kid and parents. In such instances we study the planets in one's birth chart; we are able to determine the education 

capacity of a student and recommend education area which may help child fulfill his academic requirements. Sometime student can be as successful in life if he attends non-technical courses. These all, we are able to er studying their janma kundli.

Another area astrology reading helps parents is to determine if child has an aptitude and if he will go and study abroad; which academic track student should go for; which geographical location abroad, will be more beneficial to a student. All of above not only helps parent but it also helps students to achieve good results academically while they are studying abroad. Our experience, observation and constantly doing R&D on the planetary combination has allowed us to give good predictions in this area.

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