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The health of a person is mainly dependent on the inherited genes. But some of the other factor which may come into play and contribute to better health include:

It can also impact adversely if external factors are constraint. However a person with a strong genes has minor health issues and or in case of major health concern is able to resist and fight better against the health problem.

We have analyzed that person born with strong inherited gene also shows stronger health planetary position at the time of the birth. Person who has weak health is able to know which organs in the body is going to be impacted throughout his life, bad health patches, how to avoid and which body part will be mostly affected and disease related to that extremity are discussed in our consultation. If a person has an astrological time frame where major health issues are going to be triggered, one can get healing or can learn reiki and do self healing ahead of time. This allows a person to avoid major surgeries, injuries etc.

We have seen that by taking regular reiki one is able to maintain overall health. We also can send special reminder for healing where we will use reiki in combination with crystal to decrease the intensity of the suffering during his weak health period. We also suggest surgery dates after studying their astrological charts for planned surgery. This surgery date is important as the recovery and healing process is pain free and faster. This expertise has been developed after studying lots of different personal, family, friends and clients birth chart.

We are often ask which doctor to choose from the specialist which our clients have short listed for selection purpose based on the expertise of the doctor. we are able to pinpoint the doctor and recovery process with the treatment provided by the specialist after reading clients birth chart. We also are able to recommend solution to question such as if the health issue can be only cured through surgery or is it avoidable with alternated medicine or waiting (buying time).

Some birth charts has typical combination of weak planets and impacts overall health of a person in such cases we are able to advise during our astrology consultation type of things a person should avoid and precautionary measures one should take like changing their life style a person who has strong planetary position of disease related to lever, we are able to advise a person accordingly, we also look at other planets where a person may get liking towards drinking at young age and later on this could lead to issues related to lever. So combination of planets are seen once we know what are the organs which are getting impacted.

Similarly if a person has a suicidal tendency, major accident, depressive tendency. We consult parent separately and advice on how to handle a person along with regular healing, proper medication, we also recommend to put certain yantra which emits positive vibration and avoids major circumstances where one can lose life. Instead a person will be hospitalized and be under doctors care.

During astrological weak period we advise not to play risky sports, being adventurous is not an option, traveling are not recommended during those period. For people who suffer with allergies we are able to suggest healing method called past life regression which is very effective and is able to produce great result. Modern methods such as going to gym, doing yoga, pranayam taking reiki, which method will be most suitable to a person we are able to find out astrologically after analyzing planetary situation during the year and time when health issue has been triggered.

Also when a person is suffering from an ailment and physical pain is persistent at that time which type of medicine will adapt the best amongst allopathy, Ayurveda, homeopathy, naturopathy, acupressure we are able to suggest one or combination methods which will help patient recover or lessen the pain. We can also answer question like how long a person will suffer and after researching spiritual knowledge, combining with astrological planets. We are able to pinpoint how long and what are the reasons which are causing this suffering a person is predestined to suffer during certain period in his life due to his past karma, we can pinpoint what kind of medical suffering will arise, we can also see and tell if it can be avoided and how. 

We also suggest as a part of maintenance full body checkup, some spiritual professional and self healing to avoid major impact during the predestined health crisis year. If you are having ongoing health issues pain, depression, allergies, call us to arrange for full health reading by scheduling an appointment

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