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Any good or bad events in anyone's life are based on ones' merit and de-merit karma of their past life.

When demerit karma is being unfolded, there is lot of emotional and mental discomfort; which could lead to confusion and indecisiveness. It also leads to depression in this fast paced life.

Main reason for this turmoil, is not knowing; how long this de-merit karma is going to last and what kind of intensity it will unfold in future.

Our most esteemed and experienced astrologer Samir Patel with his 27 years of experience in astrology is able to pinpoint the duration of this demerit karma. He does that by analyzing and going through lots of permutation combination of different grahs in your birth chart. This allows him to exactly predict the duration of the demerit karma. This prediction helps a person to find some hope and or direction through this discomforting  period. We also recommend lot of different healing remedies, but here we will specifically talk about Yantra healing.

Yantra Healing:

During de-merit karmas there is more force of negative energy around a person due to one's past behavior, which creates lots of discomfort. To break this cycle, there is a need to generate more positive energy and diffuse the power of negativism. And here is where Yantra healing is very effective.

What Makes Yantra Effective?

Yantra has different geometrical figure and numerical numbers. Yantra is of a 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional shape. It is made of gold, silver, copper, crystals, bhojpatra and 5 metal elements (panchdhattu). The manufacturing process of Yantra and it's understanding is derived from our scriptures. There is a specific way of manufacturing it and is prescribed by our esteemed astrologer. After that our Yantra expert does meditative sadhana of the Yantra; by doing this sadhana, Devi -Devta's associated with that Yantra are attracted towards the Yantra. Each Yantra's Devi-Devta's has ability to eliminate problems associated via their energy. This energy is gathered and produced by worshiping the Devi-Devta's of Yantra and associated problems can be relieved or eliminated.

How does this Yantra process works specific to you?

Based on your kundli, a particular Yantra is manufactured at a specific auspicious time recommended by our esteem astrologer after analyzing your birth chart. In this Yantra creation, main focus is on attracting positive energy of your most beneficial grahas of your birth chart; by accumulating this positive energy into Yantra it creates more positivity during difficult period and reducing the negativity of the weaker grahas.

Success story of using Yantra on our clients:

Our Yantra expert and our renowned astrologer Samir Patel has exhaustively researched and studied Hindu scriptures, Jain scriptures and their usage and benefits. He has been recommending this Yantra healing to our clients for last 27 years. He has successfully produce results for our clients in area of job, economic growth, health, kids, study, relation, business etc.

It has also produce successful result in area of black magic, courts, cases of being back stabbed, defame, finding lost person, chronic disease; severe headaches etc.

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