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Samir Patel, Astro Consultant and Healer

408, Legacy, IIM Road, Near AMA, Panjrapole Circle, Ambavadi, Ahmedabad - 380015
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Mr. Samir R Patel has a BSc in mathematics (class of 1988) as well as a diploma in computer programming (class of 1989). Following his diploma in computer programming, he took up java programming in 2002. Before completing his graduation he did 3 years worth of technical studies through the years 1981-1983, parallel to his high school education.

As for his journey along the astrological and spiritual path, he didn’t always want to be an astrologer. It wasn't until he met his father's good friend and astrologer, Late Mr. Bhupendra Shah. Mr. Shah, fondly remembered as Bhupendra kaka, served as a great influencing factor; he himself being a great digambhar having ESP, Clairvoyance, and avdhignan.

 In 1980, when Samir was in the seventh standard he was on the receiving end of Bhupendra kaka's extraordinary capacity of clairvoyance and intuition his vast expanse of this knowledge immediately sparked the flame of Samir's curiosity in the field. He continued on this path experimenting with various religions and spirituality, after accidentally stumbling across Dada Bhagwan's 'Who am I?' it left him curious and wanting to know more about the subject. So, in 1986 he began with the Jain Shastra in the theory of karma. Shortly after he began studying astrology in 1987 (his second year of BSc) under the late Jain Digamber, Shri Bhupendra Bhai Shah, who not only was his inspiration to take up the subject but also blessed him to go ahead and achieve great things through the subject.

In 1988, during the vacations of his BSc, he completed his study of the mathematics portion of astrology under the late Shri Vipinbhai; an architect by profession. He taught Samir the 'math' behind the astrological charts and how to calculate them. He also learned the 'dasa' of different places of the world. The following year he read another book by Dada Bhagwan called the science of karma (this book helps in clearing the fundamentals of the whole process of reincarnation and the unfolding of karmas in this life carried forward from the last life). He then began experimenting and trying to find the linking effects of our own unfolding Karmas through the use of astrology. Later on in that very year, he quit his job as a professor of higher secondary mathematics and engineering mathematics in order to pursue his hobby and became a professional astrologer. Ever since then, it's been smooth sailing.

After his decision of becoming a professional astrologer, he began meeting up with various Jain and Hindu munis and began expanding his knowledge about the subject. In 1992 he was a teacher of astrology at a popular Jain derasar (Jain temple). During the year of 1994, he was appointed as the head of the department of astrology, at the NavGujarat academy of astrology. It was here he taught the two courses of basic and advanced astrology. In 1996, he took up the art of mantra sadhana under one of the guru's from Junagadh. He also started and completed reiki sadhana and became a grandmaster of reiki as well as Karuna reiki.

Awards and Achievements

1992 appointed as a teacher of astrology one of the popular jain temples to teach jain munis, 1994 become head of the department of astrology of Navgujarat academy of astrology, Designed courses of Astrology basic and advance, Appointed as a guest speaker for Vastu Sashtra at Shreya's foundation, Appointed as a guest speakers at yoga day 2016

Client Say

I have had chart readings many times over the years, but my reading with Samirbhai was by far one of the most helpful I have ever had. He's intuitive, insightful and thoughtful. He works with real life issues and opportunities. He suggests ways to overcome obstacles, release old patterns and work towards the possibilities that are written in the stars. He generously offers inspiring ideas that you can apply to your everyday life in a practical way. I felt like I not only had an astrological reading, but also a session with caring coach who is committed to helping others become more of who they are meant to be.

Chirayu Patel - CPA, Canada

I have been asking Samirbhai for astrology vastu for many years and I find his readings extremely helpful and with lots of detail. This service is always reliable and very responsive. Examples of questions I have asked in the past are for full life reading, compatibility with a potential partner and job advice. The replies are always professional and with accurate information and helpful advice. I would higly recommend this service.

Dhwani Patel - UK

Sayan astro has very reliable and scientific way of giving predictions which follows the vedic sciences. I highly recommend its service. I was in dilemma when doing a job and planning to start my private practice. I took his advice of appropriate time if at all to take the risk of private venture and I found his predictions regarding the timings and other advises to be highly accurate. Even before embarking or making any high investments I always take his advice to do so. Also his spiritual personality and down to earth nature is appealing.

Dr Satyam Patel - Baroda

I have known Samir Patel since past 30 years with his growing interest in astrological science and to this day, I am extremely impressed by his knowledge, approach and keen sense of prediction and accuracy. I had privilege of consulting him since then for various personal and professional reasons which has provided not just guidance, but path and direction to make right decisions in my professional and personal life. He has very keen sense of responsibility and thus takes due time and makes every effort to provide truthful and precise guidance and assistance. He always puts his passion first before being a professional during his consultation. He takes personal interest, understands every need and spends time to understand situation. He is very amicable, easy going and able to make you feel comfortable to express your concerns and questions during consultation. Most and foremost, he makes himself available at any time through phone and other medias when needed.

Dinesh Parekh - Ohio, USA

My family is consulting Mr. Samir Patel of Sayan Astro since last 15 years or so. We are consulting him for business and personal matters. Our experience is that 95% of what he says has come out true. We have benefitted by following him. We take his advice on various business matters and if he says not for some matters, But we have to proceed due to some compulsion and or commitment, the said work has never completed or was not worth doing. We feel his spiritual background helps him in his consultation. We do not hesitate to recommend him as he is trust worthy and mature.

Rohit Shah Of Soham Logistics - Mumbai

Everything that he has told me came true, he helped me make key decision in my life. I found his reading especially uplifting. I rely on his guidance to get through some of myhardest times. His positive nature, his knowledge is incredible and his intuition are always spot on.

Dipti Patel - Tampa, USA

Samir Patel gave me excellent healing sessions using multiple healing techniques like Matrix, Reiki, Sanjeevini etc.. I was in deep sleep doing treatment and felt completely refreshed and stress free after completion of the treatment. I would highly recommend Samir Patel of Sayan Astro for any astrology, Vastu, Reiki, healing type of needs. He also helped us evaluate land, build the house, review the house model, layout, direction of beds, windows, doors etc. to optimize the vastu energy for the house.

Nirav Patel - PA, USA

I testify, Sayan Astro has been an excellent service provider. Experts have given correct and thorough information which is true and real.

Pinakini Clive Irvine - CA, USA

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