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Knowingly or unknowingly one takes decisions in life which leads up to government issues related to income tax, VAT, sales tax, pollution control, customs, building permit, FEMA etc. Besides government problems, there are matters such as family property, divorce, land, family business, business matters such as competitions, trademark, licensing, not maintaining standards, environment impact all of these can lead up to legal matters. This is a long and stressful ordeal and can ruin your family, health and finance.

In all of the above scenarios a person can get tired of uncertainty and may be suffocated because of ongoing stress faced in business and at home.

People consult us to find out:

Our astrology consultation has been a great reassuring, fact finding tool for lots of our clients. It has helped them to know how long the litigation is going to last and if there is an end to it. It also gives them an idea as to how much they will have to give to the opposition for settlement so can plan accordingly. We also recommend recitation of mantra which helps in cutting down the total duration of one's suffering.

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