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The problems which are stored in a subtle body(suksma sharir) due to one's past life karmas is easily identified via aura reading. But to know the cause and then eradication of that karma that is where our expertise plays a major role in our client's life.

Our expert healer through Clairvoyance Healing Technique is able to visualize:

In Hinduism, mantras have different usage as they are very powerful and effective. There are several mantras like "Agor mantra", "Shashtrokt mantra", "pauranik mantra", "tantric mantra", "beej mantra" etc.

Each mantra has its own frequency, has different energy which generate vibrations that produces different results. It also emits different color. To know, when to use a specific mantra that produces great results based on your birth chart, chakra reading and or aura scanning is our expertise.

For example there is mantra which is used to eliminate fear, but to effectively do that, it is important to know where and which chakra fear is stored in and apply mantra specific to that chakra.

Sometimes person may have multiple issues stored in one chakra to know which mantra to use when? That is where our expertise comes in.

Once the problem is identified, Mantra healing technique is applied. By chanting mantras our expert is able to target different kind of ailment stored in the specific chakras. Mantra creates vibration and that vibration creates different frequency; which is then channelized to the targeted area, this process help to eliminate the cause of the problem or is able to reduce the impact of the karmic suffering. Our expert by chanting mantra associated with the Devi-Devta of specific chakras also adds to the healing process.

Typical healing session; last for an hour to hour and half. If need be our healer may suggest additional mantras to be used at home.

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