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Reiki is a universal life force. It's not a religion. It's an intelligent divine energy available in form of vibrations from the nature, it is everywhere around us. Reiki vibration is only a positive energy source which helps in maintenance of our body, to fulfill your personal desire, goals and achievements, work related matters amongst several other uses.

Reiki is the one of the slow healing technique but is wonderful healing methods. Reiki is used to break blockages regardless of where it is, who has it? It is done by absorbing nature's positive energy and passing it to the source via reiki channel.

During the session client may feel warm or have a tingling sensation especially at the affected organ where reiki is given. Reiki is very common and there are many reiki practitioners giving healings. What sets us apart is our expertise in finding out which chakras are associated with the problem; this skill is unique to us and rare. The reiki healing session is always dependent upon the healer's experience, depth of the knowledge and also the intensity of the disease.

In the reiki consultation, we scan person's chakra and aura body. From our scanning we can determine the type of blockage, where is the blockage, which organs  and the body parts are affected now, and if not healed which other body part it may trigger. We discuss this with our client and suggest the number of healing session it may require. If necessary we may suggest using crystal therapy along with reiki for better result.

Typical reiki session lasts for 30 minutes. Reiki sessions can be given in person or remotely. Reiki is equally effective when given remotely. Our clients, who take regular reiki sessions from us have, mixed both physical and remote reiki for eliminating blockages such as fear, disease, enemies etc.

Example Showing How Reiki Works:

When you have an ailment in the physical body, it means one's aura around that organ has some blockage; aura is connected to the physical body of a person. Therefore energy will not flow through that organ and one have suffering. When reiki is given to the weak organ at that time through the reiki channel it connects with high frequency of the intelligent divine energy and supplies it to the affected organ. When reiki is given to the affected organ it cleanses the blockage and one can feel that the aura gets cleaned around the affected organ.

It may get cleaned in one sitting or may have to take multiple seating's if you are not a regular reiki practitioner. By doing this the aura is connected to the physical body and slowly the physical body gets healed If your work is pending and taking long time tobe completed then reiki can fasten the process.

Sometimes your desired work is not done smoothly. Main cause of this is astrological time. During that weaker time frame, the person lacks the drive to complete the work. In such instances, if reiki is given to that work then negativity, laziness and other factors which are slowing the process disappears and the process becomes faster.

Along with healing we also teach reiki classes. Reiki classes are on alternate Saturdays of the month. Reiki can be learned from the reiki grand master and you can be a reiki healer. Reiki we teach is Usai reiki and karuna reiki. Each has 4 levels. Karuna is considered advanced reiki method and can be learnt only after completion of Usai reiki. We are registered international karuna reiki grand master from one of the most renowned karuna reiki association in USA. To book your reiki healing session or join reiki class email us.

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