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Relation is one delicate subject amongst family members including brother-sister, husband-wife, parent-kids, business partners, employer-employee, friends etc.

Family relation:

It is a type of relation which is considered to be the most valuable in the Indian society and is given utmost priority amongst all. To maintain balance amongst the different personalities within the family becomes a key in the household. Astrology is the key tool in understanding family dynamics and then resolving such matters. Alternatively; if parents know this in advance they can plan accordingly. Some of the consultations we have provided in family relation are:

Love relation:

It is most complicated to analyze as we ask delicate questions and we have to be honest with their readings. Some of the questions we answer are:

These kind of astrological advises have allowed a person to make wise decisions


In the case of a married partner; we have been asked that: couples is going through a rough time in their relationship and have arguments and fights, which are unavoidable what should they do? After reading their janma kundli we are able to figure out if the rough patches are temporary and can be avoided? If it is a temporary phase, we often advise to create a temporary separation, by doing this marriage can be saved. 

Major issues in marriage are caused if one of the partners is born with a weak planet in their janmakundli and therefore lacks the virtues associated with that planet. The weak planet is also going to affect a person with rejection, low acceptance in the society etc. This is where it is expected that those virtues are somehow fulfilled from their spouse. In such a scenario, after lot of research, we are able to give advice on how to fulfill those missing virtues as best as one could, which definitely helps completely resolve or bring a partial solution that still can improve their relation. A recommended, planetary stonee known to absorb the negativity from the aura and emits good vibration to improve relationship.

We may also recommend one or more of these remedies such as to wear some gems, crystals, planetary stones, use of yantra and take healing etc.We also suggest prayers, books by Dada Bhagwan Foundation which is very effective to improve relations.There are other prayers shown by Dada Bhagwan that we suggest to improve relations. This is very effective in understanding why karmically we are bonded and the causes of any suffering.

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