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In life, property is totally based upon one's luck. Some people are not fortunate enough to gain financial strength by acquiring land or owning a property.

Some of our client's scenarios are as below:

  1. A client books a property and finds out the builder has committed a fraud or they cannot fully come up with the down payment for the property.
  2. Our client purchases a property, and the client gets transferred to a different city, state or a country.
  3. The client has bought a property and they find out their visa to the US has arrived and therefore cannot enjoy the property and now will have to sell or rent the property.
  4. If the property is rented, our client has hard time getting evacuated.
  5. Acquisitions of a new place may lead up to financial turbulence, weaker health, relationship issues.

We evaluate major reasons in our initial consultation related to property such as:

  1. Weak planetary position relating to buying and selling of land and property. 
  2. Overall weak planetary position of acquisition and accumulation of wealth.
  3. Construction is not as per Vastu.
  4. Place is haunted where previous owner who died in the area is not letting go of the place.

In such case we first analyze it astrologically and refer to the planetary position in one's birth chart. If the planets are weak then we recommend yantra and mantra shakti. Through our research we know that our hindu and jain literature provide solution or remedies for such situation.

We have studied shastras, met and spent lots of time with learned sadhus and Jain munis and acharyas to identify appropriate logic and science behind these kinds of issues. We also have experimented on individuals, and known clients. In our 28 years of experience in this field we are able to successfully give remedies in each scenario.

Each of these remedies are unique to an individual, again and this can only come with lot of research and observation of individual cases. After that, we make sure that our client purchases a property during the appropriate time, which would be considered as a strong period for buying and selling of a property as per one's janma kundli. We have also seen in our clients that if they have purchased or sold a property, not during the recommended time frame, it has brought some or the other problem in that acquisition or the client has to sell the property at a loss or there is an unnecessary delay in the entire process.

We also give importance to the property which has not met the vastu requirements also known as "vastu dosh" In such cases, we evaluate the land, position of the property, direction of the property, entrance of the property, if the property is at an angle, corner etc. There are different remedies for different concerns, we can suggest the best solution after our vastu analysis or in person vastu consultation.

We are known for improving vastu energy by 95%, without any reconstruction to an existing building except one situation. We also have positive energy remedies for dealing with haunted properties. We use positive energy only, in eradication process. Decision regarding haunted properties and their remedies are through consultation only. We have an expertise in providing remedies where a property has been put on the market for a long time and is unable to sell; Or a property which is been in a court battle for an exhaustive time frame and are seeking solutions. Our team is able to give different kinds of energies and/or use combination approaches. We are able to recommend solutions to such situations. We evaluate ones astrological health index, financial index and relationship index.

We are able to understand and highlight, to our clients, issues related to each indexes during the purchase of property. This also is a big tool in determining the appropriate purchase time of the property besides the vastu and other factors. We are also able to show remedies if needed. We recommend affordable and practical solutions to the property with vastu dosh. Vastu analysis is a quick and cost effective solution to dealing with a property with vastu dosh. If you are interested in a detailed analysis of the property you may schedule a consultation vastu visit.

Here is what we recommend to our clients when to buy, which service:

Vastu visits :

Vastu analysis:

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